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The Prussia Germany Italy Community

[fanfic] To love, to hold, to fuck things up 1/3
Title: To love, to hold, to fuck things up
Author: drcalvin
Pairing: Italy/Germany/Prussia
Rating: This chapter PG-13 for swearing etc, but it goes up to NC-17 in later chapters
Warning: Threesome, incest
Notes: Written for the kink meme ages time ago, finally proofed and greatly re-written.
Length: Roughly 22 000 words split over three chapters.
Comments & concrit: Yes please, very welcome!
Thanks to: arnold_grove and strawberryburst for betaing, advice and massive help!

Summary: After Italy realizes two important facts: (1) that good things only come to those that dare grab them and (2) that Prussia wants the same thing he does – namely Germany – the pair of them embark on the epic journey to make their love known.

Click here to read To love, to hold, to fuck things up - Chapter 1
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I'll just... quietly leave this here...
katakana, APH - WuBrust

Are you interested in role-playing? Are you scared of writing long posts though? Or are you just looking for fun people to hang out with?

I am playing Germany (currently in female, after an encounter with Ukraine's pitchfork, but I'll change this over the weekend) in a twitter-rpg, and we are curenntly looking for quite a few characters. My personal request (*coughcough*) is for some Prussia, N.Italy or Austria-players, as I am pretty much alone there. ^^; We are also looking for a Switzerland, Sweden, HRE, Cuba and more! For a complete list of characters taken and open please click here.

If you are interested, please check out ljxtwitteraphrp and place your applications here.

Feel free to introduce yourselves!
Hello, I'm aki-bara and I started this community because I love me some pig. Seriously this is my OT3. Even if you don't feel the same I hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to discuss what you like about this paring here!

Comment here if you want to affiliate! ^_^

I made tags, and hello! ^_^
This com is dedicated to the threesome of Germany/Italy/Prussia from Axis Powers Hetalia. Its erm.. in progress. But feel free to post.