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A prussia/italy/germany community from axis powers hetalia

pig- prussia italy germany.

Hello and welcome to PIG the community that's all about the fabulous threesome that is Prussia, Germany, and Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia. Anyone is welcome to join, but first there are a few rules.


1. All fanworks/discussions/etc. must include or be about Germany, Prussia and Italy. This may be less vague in the future >.>

2. Fanfiction must have at least one of these characters being in a relationship with the others at the same time. Its okay if the others aren't in a relationship with eachother. For example Germany/Prussia and Germany/Italy happening at the same time is fine even if Prussia/Italy isn't happening. However, the main focus is them as a threesome, please keep that in mind.

3. No pairing wars or snarking. Treat others with respect

4. Lock smut and downloads

5. When Posting fanfiction please leave title summary and rating outside the cut. Author too if it isn't you. ^^

6. That being said pictures should go behind a cut too. A like, 100x300 preview is allowed (I don't really care if its exact or not just keep it small) and 3 icons are also allowed before a cut.

7. If you're worried about posting something just do it anyway. Its a pretty relaxed community so it'll probably be fine. :3

Now please enjoy~

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